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BattleTech: Welcome to the Nebula California Pay What You Want
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
by Luke W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/02/2015 23:42:18

I found the Swords and Sorcery and Superhero elements far too jarring. I'm more than a bit of a purist, and this product just was not my flavor of product. Had the focus been entirely on crossing over other giant robot related parodies, I would have been far more happy with this. As it stands, I hope the creators had fun making this and certainly don't begrudge them playing around with the crossovers they themselves are interested in. About the only thing I am likely to take away from this is the field generation equipment as a way to stat out the Ancestral Home, should I ever need to play a naval battle involving that out.

Note that while this particular product is not my cup of tea, I enjoy the CGL tradition of interesting april fools day and halloween releases. I'm constantly amazed at the quality they provide, whether it's something like Necromo Nightmare or Free Taiw... which I'm actually likely to implement or something like this where I don't have much I intend to take away from it.

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BattleTech: Welcome to the Nebula California
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