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Household Knight Character Class
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Publisher: Alea Publishing Group
by Chris G. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 05/08/2006 00:00:00

Household Knight

Small PDFs that are tightly focused around a single new class are a nice way to go. It is like a small package and it is pretty easy to assess how useful it would be to one?s own game. The small PDFs are a popular form to produce and as Long as they cover the topic fully it seems to be the way to go. Household Knights is a fairly new PDF by Alea Publishing Group. They have a good thing going with PDFs are knight related and very good quality. This PDF is fourteen pages long and nicely book marked. The lay out is in the typical well done way and look that most of their PDFs look like. The book is written by Joshua Raynack and Ryan Rawls did the good design work. The book comes in an on screen and print version. The Household Knight has the title and responsibilities of the typical knight but is landless. He serves a lord and shares his heraldry of sorts. The class is presented as a base class of the typical twenty levels. It has good base attack bonus and saves like a fighter but slightly less hit points and better skills and skill points. They get a special Heraldry bonus and Commands per day. For the most part the class is okay but it gets some feats that I feel a knight would pick up sooner. For instance mounted combat which is the basic feat for that chain they do not get till second level. From my experience mounted characters pick those feats at first level. It seems a bit odd that they get a bonus of charging damage with a lance or similar weapon but not the mounted combat feat first. The book covers the Household Knight well. It gives the epic version of the class and with the feats are epic feats as well as a few normal ones that are all focused on this class. There are six new feats in the book half of them epic. The commands are from a list that has first to fourth level commands. The commands seem interesting and really make having followers and a squire a lot more useful. The Heraldry bonus applies to the Command powers as well as sees if another NPC recognizes the character. It can also be used as a check to see if the character can get an audience with important people. The book presents a much different kind of class and it will be good for someone looking for some different knight classes. The feats are interesting but most of the PDF is about the Household Knight so not a lot one can take away and use by itself. The heraldry can be used with reputation rules to form some good options that deal with medieval lords. The PDF fits very well with other products Alea Publishing Group has written. So, it would be ranked a lot higher for people who use their other books.

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Household Knight Character Class
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