Minor Magicks
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Publisher: Silverthorne Games
by Geoffrey B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/28/2006 00:00:00
Incredibly useful. I can't wait to put these spells into use. So many of them have effects that while menial will allow a lot of use while role-playing, and can be used in some interesting combat situations. There is also a huge number of spells and items. Great value for price.

LIKED: These spells are often usable for many purposes, useful for PC's and NPC's. I bought this thinking it would only be useful for the villagers and townspeople we ran into, but a few of these I can tell my players will use right away. Some of the spells have me thinking up new messes to get my players into. I was expecting a 3-star product but for me at least this is a 5.

DISLIKED: nothing.

QUALITY: Excellent

VALUE: Very Satisfied

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Minor Magicks
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