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Future Armada: Orion $8.50
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by Roger W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/01/2014 16:33:01

Don't think of Orion as a ship, think of it as a location. This is where your characters live and work, and where they return when the adventure is over. This is home, this is the location where they train and get rewarded and promoted. This ship served as a fleet flagship in a campaign involving many smaller support ships (See the "Drake" product) that went out on adventures and saved the day. This was a command and control, repair and re-supply base located in a growing system that still lacked the resources for a colonial station of some sort. It moved a few times, mostly as cavalry to save the day, but it was usually a pillar of stability that served as a place to limp back to with engines smoking, blasted turrets, and wounded crewmen.

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Future Armada: Orion
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