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Battle for Oz $20.00
Publisher: Pirate Press LLC
by Bryan H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/03/2014 22:14:48

What can I say about "Battle for Oz"? This is one the best game for the Savage World. This game could have been its own system and it would still a must have for your gaming group. But since it uses the Savage World rules its a must have for your Savage Campaign. If you don't have Savage World Then you should pick up both if nothing else then to play Battle for Oz. Its nice to see a fantasy game that not D20. And this is not just a Basic fantasy game, It' a Wizard of Oz role playing game from the L. Frank Baum books. It's not made to do this,or it is made for this, but you could have your favorite DeadLands or other Savage World NPC and PC join in this game. The Art is the best I See in a long time. So Don't miss out on getting the Premium books. The artwork alone will make up for $10 price. The Hardcover looks great and will last the test of time. The book and PDF is in full color, with some black and white Artwork. Even the Black and white art work came out great and fits the book. But the color art work will blow you away. The Races, Creatures, and NPC (oh my) in this book are more then I want to count. And all well done. This however bring up my only problem that I have. I feel everything is real powerful. So if you coming from D&D you should be careful not to throw to much at your player, or as a player not to go rushing up to a horde of Goblin Cavefolk, thinking your going to stomp them like Goomba in Mario brothers. Those things are no joke, they will rip you apart. Things in Battle for Oz are a little more power then I would have made them, however it does not hurt the game. And all the thing in Oz fits. I have to point out a couple of Races, Creatures, and NPC that I real like. The Goblin Cavefolk on (pg.141) look great. Claw Biter on (pg.132) are a great scarey monster. The Hammerhead Giant on (pg.139) are bad ass. The Hoac (pg.142) are a must bring in. The Pterodactyls Mounts (pg.149) came out great and a must have because the Hoac took away all the horses to use. The Tucrocs (pg.157) which is just a great idea, and last the Pumpkinheads (pg.150) which make the game. One more thing Hoffa (pg.174) is alive and in Oz. In closing this is a great game, A great book, and a must have.

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Battle for Oz
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