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AMP: Year One
Publisher: Third Eye Games
by Lee L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/24/2014 22:19:18

First, I have to disclose that this review may be a touch biased, as I am in the book under playtesters.

That said, this is one of my favorite Superhero systems. I have played Champions, V&V, Marvel [TSR and Cortex], Mutants and Masterminds [all versions], Savage Worlds Supers, Icons, Capes and MANY others. You could say Supers game are my favorite genre. I am also a fan of Third Eye Games products. I own most of them and am in Part-time Gods [pg 196]. Everytime they come out with a new rules set the system gets refined a little and this is one of their best. The system plays smooth and has a feel of Season One of "Heroes" or "Misfits". It is gritty and flexible. it is also a great start [it is called Year One after all] to what I hope becomes one of their best lines. I have run several sessions of the system and find my players coming up with some amazing combos that they think breaks tha game, only to find that they are still on par with all the other players and NPC's. Great timeline style background and some wonderful NPC's in the book to get the juices flowing on character ideas. I cannot wait to see where this system and setting end up going in the "Years" to come!

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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AMP: Year One
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