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Timeline: Roaring 20s
Publisher: RPG Objects
by Chris G. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/13/2006 00:00:00

Timeline The Roaring 20?s

The roaring 20?s is an interesting time period to role play in. I really started realizing that when I first got a hold of the Adventure game. It is more pulp then this is but in the same time period. I was expecting more pulp in this book as it seems pulp is making a slow advancement in gaming with Pulp Zombies for All Flesh Must Be Eaten by Eden Games and Pulp Hero by Hero Games. Though many times Pulp does seem to cross over into the 30?s a bit too. The Roaring 20?s takes a more neutral look at the time period allowing for people to place in their own genre be in horror, mystery, or even pulp. The Roaring 20?s is designed for d20 Modern and is fully useable with everything in that product line. Timeline the Roaring 20?s is the latest PDF by RPGObjects. This copy has steadily put out high quality PDF s covering a wide range of topics like modern day horror, future tech, and the dark ages. The book is written by Charles Rice. It is a small PDF at only twenty six pages and it does a nice job with just adding some of the typical quintessential elements of the 20?s without bogging down in reprinting every little thing with a 20?s twist. The PDF is nicely laid out coming in an on screen and print version. The book is nicely book marked and has good art in it. The books starts with a short introduction telling the reader that the genre of the book is going to be neutral allowing the book to be used in any type of d20 modern game set in this time period. It then goes into three new occupations for the time period. It has Explorer, Primitive, and Psychic. All three are nicely explained as to what they are and how they fit into this era of history. The book offers a few more advanced classes that fit into the time period. I like what they have here I also would have liked a brief paragraph on the advanced classes in d20 Modern and maybe a few other books that really also fit in the 1920?s. The classes here are the G-Man, the Hitman, the Intrepid Reporter, the Mob Boss, and the Mystery Man. These are very self explanatory and the class gives one pretty much what would be expected. The new feats are interesting in that they take the Animal Companion ability and make that a feat and also take leadership but rename it Henchmen. The Animal Companion feat has animals and a few dinosaurs on its list for those that go to the typical lost world type places. Henchmen has a few good feats that build off it it like my favorite Spy Network. That is a clever use for the leadership mechanics. The book also has weapons and vehicles of the time period. For me though the best part of the book is the actual time line. This is a well researched section and covers eleven full pages. Each year is covered with events divided in the months they happen in. There are also well researched side bars explaining in a bit more detail some of the events of the day. The first thing I did was print this section for use in the Adventure game I am playing in. The first side bar is actually about the start of World War One, though it happens in the 1910?s it really sets the tne for a lot of the 1920?s. The sidebar also has a few good hints at adventure ideas. Other side bars include the Treaty of Versailles, Radio, Earle Nelson a serial killer, Agatha Christie, Charles Lindbergh, Opus Dei, and the Great Depression. What I really like about the time line is that it covers a lot of the events around the world. Timeline the Roaring 20?s does a nice job of giving one the tools to help take d20 Modern and run a game in this time period. A few adventure or campaigns hooks would be useful as it can sometimes be tough to come up with something in a time period once is not that familiar with. All in all this is a well researched product that is perfect for these types of games.

<br><br> <b>LIKED</b>: The timeline is great!!<br><br><b>DISLIKED</b>: I'd have liked a section on adventure ideas<br><br><b>QUALITY</b>: Very Good<br><br><b>VALUE</b>: Very Satisfied<br>

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Timeline: Roaring 20s
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