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Publisher: Dark Quest Games
by Sean H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/15/2006 00:00:00

The Weapon Rack: Daggers is just what you would expect, a sourcebook about the daggers, their use and fighting styles and how to apply this to D20 games.

It begins with the description of various dagger variants, both historical and fantasy, this cover such real weapons as the stiletto and main gauche and fantasy weapons like the goblin death spike and the elven moonsilver dagger. These are classified as ???dagger variants??? meaning you can apply a weapon focus/specialization with dagger to all of them, but some abilities or feats can only be applied to a specific type of dagger. These weapons are fully stated out for the D20 system, except for the throwing dagger which is mentioned but not listed on the table.

The next section is about how classes use and could use daggers, fighting styles, dagger games and duels, new feats and prestige classes. The fighting styles include suggested combinations of feats and class abilities to simulate historical style of dagger fighting. Dagger games such as mumbly peg and the finger game (???Do the thing with the knife, Bishop.???) are described with mechanics for playing them within the game. Rules for dagger dueling with the off-hands of the duelists bound together with a length of rope or chain (a staple for many movies) is included. Six dagger-themed feats are introduced, including ???Spell Theme???, which aligns spells with a particular casting theme and gives various small bonuses, the theme included here is ???Daggers??? which are given a full set of modified spells for all of the core spell casting classes.

Four new prestige classes are provided: Blade Artist, a specialist in entertaining with thrown and jugged daggers. Blade Cultist, a dagger wielding priest who gains minor skill bonuses and can trade spell slots out for special abilities channeled through their cult blade. Dagger Storm, an arcane spell caster who focuses his magic through the dagger, like the Blade Cultist, he can trade spell slot for special abilities at higher levels. And, lastly, the Tunnel Fighter, who uses two daggers in very close quarters. The mechanic for the special abilities of the Blade Cultist and Dagger Storm of trading spell slots for abilities is a good one, it allows the class to be customized by the player and balances the gain of unique tricks with the loss of raw spellcasting power. The Blade Artist and Tunnel Fighter are solid, if anything, they may be slightly underpowered as prestige classes go. Six new spells and the Dagger clerical domain complete this section.

The final section is about making, modifying and enchanting daggers. Rules for new special materials (flint, Damascus steel and so on), making daggers from various materials and under adverse conditions (such as in the wilderness). Six new weapon abilities including Spirit Binding and Weapon catching are presented. Twenty named daggers, a new wondrous item and two artefact blades are then detailed. The book concludes with ???the Bone Carver??? as an example weaponsmith.

Overall, a very good set of self-supporting source material is included in The Weapon Rack: Dagger. If you wish to add more depth to the weapons of your campaign, well the small sharp ones anyway, this is a good choice.<br><br> <b>LIKED</b>: New toys to play with. Good adaption of historical items and styles to the game.<br><br><b>QUALITY</b>: Very Good<br><br><b>VALUE</b>: Satisfied<br>

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Weapon Rack : Daggers
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