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Minor Magicks
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Publisher: Silverthorne Games
by Robin C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/06/2005 00:00:00

IMo this book is a must-have when creating spellcasting NPC's of lower levels - ones who do not desire to adventure and have planned on making thier living with lower-level spells of everyday use to others. The magic spells and items here are more geared to practical everyday uses and nobles who can afford small magical luxeries (like a brush that styles a noblewoman's hair, or a stall mucker that cleans the stables of up to 20 horses). It's provided no end of useful magical "home" items for the PC's to acquire, and non-combat spells to learn. This is one of the best ebooks that I have bought here to date. It's an EXCELLENT value for the money - very complete and diverse! WELL worth the money!<br><br> <b>LIKED</b>: In addition to the huge amount of material for the price, I appreciated that in the back there's an index of spells by class/level - very helpful!<br><br><b>QUALITY</b>: Excellent<br><br><b>VALUE</b>: Very Satisfied<br>

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