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Secret Societies: Sophia's Daughters (Book 6)
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Publisher: John Wick Presents
by Mark E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/10/2012 19:19:35

This book was one of the biggest let-downs of the entire game. Put forth as 'swashbuckling feminists' it instead traded women's subserviance to men for women's subserviance to the Sidhe. These are no longer free willed women who chart the course of their own destiny, they, instead, act at the behest of their 'benevolant masters' in some uber-secret war which was never discussed in any previous books.

Add to that the inclusion of a 'male SD' group which is stunningly game breaking all on its lonesome combined with a new form of magic which allows all the females of the SD to bypass any roleplaying in favor of forcing the GM to tell them who the bad guy is right away, and you begin to understand how poorly thought out this book is.

It's quite obvious the author has a soft spot for 'elves' as the capricious and often evil Sidhe are given a makeover which places them firmly in the "we're here to rescue the poor humans who couldn't possibly figure this out on their own" camp. And the book suffers for that.

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Secret Societies: Sophia's Daughters (Book 6)
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