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Treasures of NeoExodus Subscription Service $0.00
Publisher: LPJ Design
by Benjamin B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/17/2012 04:29:25

This review is for the subscription service itself, not the actual products. Those I tend to find range in quality from about 3-5 stars.

This subscription has some major problems. Aside from the two "exclusives", I have had to contact DriveThruRPG for every release to have it added to my library. Given that the main reason for the subscription was convenience (the savings was not really that substantial), this to me means that the subscription is really a complete failure. I'm not sure where the fault lies...maybe LPJ isn't properly tagging the. Uploads to be a part of the subscription, maybe DriveThru is just continually dropping the ball on this one. But I'm tired of getting the email telling me that a a new product has been added to my library and then having to contact DriveThru and wait a day or two in order to actually make the product available.

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Treasures of NeoExodus Subscription Service
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