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Publisher: Lamentations of the Flame Princess
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 10/23/2013 11:11:26

This is a rather fine classic 'exploration' adventure, a setting that is adventure of itself and rather fun to wander about in, discovering the wonders and horrors of a far-off land.

The land has been squabbled over by a couple of extremely powerful ancient beings who really ought to know better, who have left it in a bit of a mess - ripe, of course, for brave and intelligent adventurers to profit from exploring and discovering here. Loads of detail is provided to help you make the setting come to life as the adventure proceeds, provided that is you can read it through overly-heavy background 'ghosted' images behind the text (fortunately, the PDF is layers and you can turn this off), and can get the PDF width right with an awkward double-page spread (pages 2-3) which throws everything off and will be a pest to print.

There are loads of rumours to whet the party's appetite, judiciously spread around their normal stamping grounds they will be begging you to run adventures here. Once they do arrive, there are copious notes about the environment and other dangers with which they will have to cope (inculding a really nasty environmental poison...). A wide river, lotus fields, canals, strange edifices called stupa (temples to ancient gods) and more dot the landscape, and there are encounters aplenty wherever you go. There is also an extensive bestiary replete with angry ghosts, armour-stealing peasants, elephants and other creatures that'll eat you, dead or alive.

It is very much a sandbox: you are provided here with all the tools to enable the party to explore Qelong and have many an adventure wherever they decide to go. There is a beautiful map showing you where notable locations are, coupled with vivid descriptions of what is to be found at each one. Enjoy your travels.

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