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Radiance Players Guide: A Complete Roleplaying Game in the Age of Electrotech
$29.95 $0.00
Publisher: Radiance House
by Sami S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/07/2013 05:42:51

What I have read so far, has given me a positive impression. As fluff is mostly implied through mechanics in this book, I cannot give say anymore then d&d mild eberron likeness(Steampunk, industrialism, victorian?, pulpish?). I like that magic has been split more between different classes, ensuring that obvious 3rd edition D&D Wizard/Cleric/Druid domination is not so obvious. A sort of race class (Dhampir) is also interesting approach into supernaturally powerful beings. Lots of d20 mechanisms so that basics are familiar. Maybe in the beginning there is too many ability choices, but I consider that a benefit. Allows differentiation. Adventurer and heroic capabilities seem to be around, none of the class abilities seem plot shattering types (which can be good or bad, depending on taste).

Anyway, I consider it good for its price of $0.00. If you wish a somewhat new approach for d20 games, this might be worth even when it costs money.

[4 of 5 Stars!]