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Blood In Space: Boot Camp $0.00
Publisher: Epic Worlds, LLC
by Michael C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/27/2013 11:06:56

Very amateurish. There is an overall lack of coherence; it provides sketchy details on some game and background concepts, but does not provide enough information to be useful. One inane comment from the paper that stuck with me is the observation that it "might sound like a peaceful galaxy," immediately after paragraph length introductions to the four major races of aliens that range from sinister and threatening to actively, genocidally, hostile. The 'map' for the scenario of a page-sized Rorschach test of red and blue blobs with no information on what the terrain is like, or where objectives, obstacles, or other features are.

One could, I suppose, make the argument that the vagueness is intended to allow GMs to exercise their imagination. Given the general lack of information, the GM would be making up nearly the whole thing. As an introduction to a large core book (not carried by DriveThru?) is doesn't contain enough of anything to entice me to look into it.

The document is also in dire need of proofreading.

So why bother providing this much detail in a review for a free product? Because the one thing the paper does show is that there is more to this universe, either in a core book or possibly only in the author's mind. With a good writer, an editor, proofreader, and playtesters (who don't know the author) there might be enough material to provide a sci-fi game with light rules and an original background, and that is worth extracting.

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Blood In Space: Boot Camp
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