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Clockwork & Cthulhu $17.99 $13.49
Publisher: Cakebread & Walton
by Rory H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/06/2012 05:41:45

So, yes, the combination of setting and mythos works in case you were wondering, and there are some pretty good adventures included in the book. You don't need the Clockwork and Chivalry book to run it, provided you have the Renaissance rules (freely downloadable), as it is self contained with a primer on the backstory of the 17th century English setting included. It possibly begs the question as to why they couldn't have just gone the whole hog and made it a standalone core-rulebook, however. The Cthulhu Mythos seems to be ubiquitous in gaming as it clearly works as a versatile backstory that can overlay any historical setting, although some may get jaded with it after a while, and yearn for something new. The quality of writing, layout and design is excellent though, and I've no doubt it will be a popular book for those fans who have already tried out it's mother game.

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Clockwork & Cthulhu
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