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Special Supplement 2: Deadly Assassins $4.99
Publisher: Mongoose
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 05/30/2012 11:39:30

Space Ninjas!!! (Sorry - couldn't resist!)

Seriously, it is likely that somewhere in the far future, people have taken the unsavoury task of contract killing and turned it into an art-form or even a religion... and whether you want to play one or as a referee need to allow one of your major adversaries to take out that final solution to those pesky characters that keep meddling in his plots... or even as a bunch of ethically-challenged merchants, your group want to hire one to deal with a particularly obnoxious enemy... you will find plenty of interest within these pages.

Three 'schools' of assassins are presented. One favours stealth, one practises deadly martial arts and the third trains superlative marksmen. A common set of tables are used, with appropriate options depending on which school you favour.

Next comes specialist equipment, some of which may be available to other interested parties - after all, you don't have to be an assassin to want an advanced combat sight for your rifle. A heartbeat sensor has applications in, say, finding survivors after a natural disaster. You may find it hard to explain away the stealth suit, but they have to find you before they ask the awkward questions, don't they?

Naturally, there is also an impressive selection of weapons both overt and covert for the budding assassin to drool over. For those silent kills try the Ionised Rail Rifle, or perhaps you prefer the lethality of mono-filament blades. Or maybe a pocket rocket launcher or coin-sized grenades will prove more satisfying.

Finally, three fully-generated characters complete with backgrounds are provided. Allies or adversaries? That's up to you... and whoever pays their fee.

If you want to tread the darker corners of the far future where life is not cheap but very expensive, this one's for you.

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Special Supplement 2: Deadly Assassins
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