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Way of the Wicked Book One: Knot of Thorns
Publisher: Fire Mountain Games
by Tim W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/29/2012 22:08:37

One of the players in my group has been wanting to do an evil campaign for years. When I saw the picture in KBQ#20, I was like, that looks cool, let's go check it out. After checking it out at RPGNow, I checked out my own copy from their shopping cart. Today, was the 1st session.

Four tiefling siblings that were "bred" by an evil wizard about 20 years ago, were compassionately placed into an ophanage by the Mitra-loving Paladins that slew the evil conjurer. However, their true nature could not subjugated by alruism, and thus, they await their fate at the Brandescar facility.

We spent some time building the characters using the suggested methods in the AP. The characters ended up being four teifling siblings; Ethos (m)- Bladebound Magus, Asura (f) - Cleric of Asmodeus, Dagon - (m) Rogue, and Dagoth - (m) Assassin. Dagoth is starting as Ranger with humanioid(human) favored enemy to get to the Assassin prestige class. All PCs took the anti-hero option from APG to get an extra feat.

Interesting first session ended with the PCs just getting away from the Brandescar facilty to nearby shore. The Ogre ended up being a comedic side-kick, though, it was not really the intent of the GM nor PCs for that to have happened as it did. We usually like to keep the actual rolls and make the story work over fudging rolls to make the rolls go with the story.

The game has been throughouly enojoyable from the GM and PCs today. As have many others have said, would prefer a PRINT version. LOL. Too cheap to print it out, but not too cheap to buy it. However, doing fine with the .pdf version, so far. I know I am somewhat old-school for killing trees to have nice gaming books. I plan to grab .pdfs as soon as they're available and eagerly await for print versions to become available.

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