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Player's Guide to the Wilderlands
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Publisher: Judges Guild
by Stephen M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/22/2006 16:41:08

While I can highly recommend this book for the content, I have a great deal of trouble recommending the pdf due to production quality. The complete lack of bookmarks, coupled with the printed books lack of a table of contents, makes this a less than friendly pdf. The low resolution of this product makes the maps and illustrations practically worthless. Add to this the rather annoying placement of the watermarking on the 8 pages of the hacked apart map, and the value of this pdf is greatly diminished.

My personal suggestion would be to save your money and find a print copy of this book. You will be much happier with it, and you will be able to find good use from it that is sorely lacking in the pdf. The only reason I give this pdf a 2 rating is that the content of the book offsets some of the annoying aspects of the pdf.

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Player's Guide to the Wilderlands
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