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TEKUMEL®: Empire of the Petal Throne (TSR) $14.00 $9.95
Publisher: M.A.R Barker's World of Tekumel
by Brook C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/09/2011 22:15:37

I purchased this RPG because it was a very early RPG (an antique), but I find the Mesoamerican style setting to be very interesting.

The system seems fairly straightforward, but the power curve seems different than I'm used to; Priests and Magic Users seem to be exceedingly limited in their abilities, both in quantity and power of spells. A lot of spells are once per day, ten minutes tops, and you don't seem to get very many spells, even at higher levels.

The scales (from its wargaming roots, I assume) can get confusing sometimes, especially for the spells, when they switch between dungeon and and actual measurements; it took me a while to figure out the three inch light spell had a thirty foot range.

It's definitely very combat focused, and full of random encounter/treasure/event tables, which seems to have been common back then. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it does seem to make it fairly focused on dungeon crawling. I find the descriptions for some of the random events and artifacts to be rather interesting, but perhaps that's just me.

The foreward by Gary Gygax, and the TSR catalog (Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set; $10!) in the back made me very nostalgic for a time that before I was born.

Overall, I don't know that I have much opportunity to play this, but it's an interesting setting and it was an interesting read. I'm happy I bought it.

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TEKUMEL®:  Empire of the Petal Throne (TSR)
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