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Publisher: Grim & Perilous Studios
by Giulio T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/03/2017 18:45:42

The book is an outstanding example of dedication and passion. I prise the author for it.

Reading trough it, though, I've found the overall system to be a bit weak and undecided on what it want to be: new wave or old style. It claims to be an update of the old WFRP, yet I've found lots of added systems and mechanics that should incentivate the roleplaying (like burning reputation for favours). These are cool, but a bit too simplified and underdeveloped.

Rules like madness are there, but lack the flavour and didn't catch my immagination. The character profiles are not as immidiate as it seems at first glance.

I found combat really under-developed, and quite a step back from WFRP 1st/2nd. Injuries in threshold is quite simplified. No more hit locations and by-the-piece armours. Weapons seems a bit missing something. The infamous critical tables mainly trainslate in three tables (divided by weapon type) describing gory details of when a foe is slain. The actual critical tables are much less flavourful and not divided by weapon type. The addition of "Perilous stuns": why should a disarm fall in such a thing? Seems a pure gamist choice, and brake the flow of something gritty and realistic. Again, I see a bit of contraddiction on what the system wants to be.

Book organization is a bit confusing First chapters are so full of text and "narrative" that it seemed to me to have read a long time before reaching interesting stuff. Other examples are Critical tables are on the GM chapter, not combat.

The games seems that wants to be a bit of everything but, personally, I think fall a bit short: is not a new wave RPG nor an actual WFRP facelift. I think is more than a decent game but, if I have to regard it as a WFRP spiritual successer, I'm not convinced.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks for the review.

Somply put: this game isn't for everyone. It is by design an exceptions-based RPG in the vein of Fantasy Flight's Rogue Trader and WFRP 40k. However, the vast majority of our playtesters, supporters on Kickstarter and forum-goers disagree with your sentiment that this isn't a spiritual successor to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. I would encourage you to run the playtest adventure "A Bitter Harvest" to understand the context of what we were aiming for. In motion, the game plays differently than you would infer from a breeze-through of the PDF.

As a correction, hit locations and piecemeal armor options are in the GM's section, as are distinct weapon damage values. You'll also find that critical hits are by weapon type.