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The Dark Journal $1.99
Publisher: John Wick Presents
by Jonathan S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/28/2017 15:54:08

This is quite useful for a campaign set in Eisen or is going to be heavy on monster-hunting, as it does offer some interesting takes on vampires that have little to do with the classic stereotypes. There are a number of new Monstrous qualities of varying quality and usefulness, with Nightmarish perhaps being the most worrisome for Heroes given how it can make the number needed to make skyrocket to the point that a player will be lucky to make more than a single Raise while Cowardly seems better suited as something left to playing the monster than a mechanical trait, that or rework it so that it's something the players can take advantage of rather than something that almost completely benefits the monster.

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The Dark Journal
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