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Play Your Character Like A Fucking Boss $3.00
Publisher: Kort'thalis Publishing
by K. S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/27/2017 15:18:45

Another great fucking resource by Venger. This time, with direct advertising to sell hardcore awesomeness straight to the player.

This is a brief guide, only 15 pages in length, with 4 1/2 pages of truly gorgeous artwork that you won't find in the usual Politically Correct publications we get today. Checking the credits, some of the same artists reappear from prior publications (such as HTGMLaFB, AB, GGR, etc) which have similarly been great. Both a color version of the PDF as well as a B&W printer friendly is released. In the color version, the artwork extends to provide some pleasing color effects on the text pages which creates a high shelf professional appearance.

Of the remaining pages, you are immediately dropped into a densely packed and marvelously well written educational experience for players. Full of instant take home points, yet amazingly interwoven with interesting supporting facts and tidbits to support each individual section that make the entire document a fun read. Included, are enticing titles like "Mastering the Puppet Master", "What Kind of Man are You?", and "The Coolest Bitch in Town". Look no further than the "7 Ways to Awesome" if you only have a minute to absorb the core fundamentals. There are the common sense (which somehow isn't always 'common'?) topics of "Be Appreciative" and "Be Courteous" that similarly are presented in the most directly important manner without losing an ounce of necessity. Lastly, I really liked the last section which is a pithy two paragraphs with some advice for the Dungeon Masters (sorry, I prefer DM to GM ;).

You should pick up this concise manifesto. It is well worth the low cost of entry for a ticket into the mind of a master.

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Play Your Character Like A Fucking Boss
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