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Fate Solo $0.00
Publisher: Cabbage Games
by Dillard R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/14/2017 00:08:08

This product needs a lot of work. It is very confusing as written. There are three "modules" for Fate Solo. First is the Oracle or engine for answering yes/no questions. A yes/no question is asked about a situation roll Fate dice and based on your roll and what odds you have determined for the answer to be true you get a result of yes or no. This yes or no can be modified by getting a plus + result or a minus - result. How? I am not really sure. Examples aren't given within the module on the Oracle. However, at the end the author gives a very quick example of play, but doesn't explain how he arrived at his results that aren't contradictory. Also in this section he refers to using a randomizer for framing questions but gives no examples of such randamizers.

In the Character Module the author describes his recommendation for generating characters. This is straight forward. The characters are initially quite over-powered in comparison to a normal character. This is so they can handle a variety of activities without being stuck for the lack of other players.

The module on Surprises relies on figuring out surprises based on results from the Oracle module. Since the explanation of the Oracle module was muddled this module isn't any better.

Recommendation: Don't buy this. Don't get it for free. I would recommend getting Mythic or something similar.

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