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Shadowrun: Anarchy $39.99 $14.99
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
by Mark G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/13/2017 16:44:46

The concept of a rules light Shadowrun variant appealed a lot to me, but unfortunately this book follows the approach of not actually trying and planning and testing and making effort to derive a working system with few rules, but just not bothering to write very many rules and then expecting the GM to fill in the holes - and even being snooty about it in the process. There is actually, no kidding, a paragraph that insults the reader if they ask why a particular rule is vague. But hey, don't worry, it's not like that rule's interpretation determines the value of an upgrade which costs 50% of your starting points or anything. Oh, wait..

So, the great "Cue System" that this book is based on, is actually just a very slight variant of the attribute+skill dice pool system from the original SR with most of the details cut out. There are Plot Points, which let you do.. things.. in that the game gives a few examples of things they might do, but not a decent list. That's ok, though, because there are almost no rules at all for how you get them other than "the GM gives them out". There's also Cues, which.. well, do absolutely nothing. Yes, the system is named after something with no effect whatsoever. It vaguely suggests you might write down a few sentences that represent your character to inspire you when you're playing. That's it.

About the only neat concept that does appear here is Shadow Amps. Essentialy, this combines hacking, magic, cyberware, special gear, and all of the other disparate systems from the original Shadowrun into a single system of "stuff which gives you advantages". This could have worked well if what it was attached to wasn't so threadbare.

You don't need this book. If you and your group can RP a cyberpunk game successfully with this faint breath of a system, then you might as well just make everything up as you go along. If you want rules light cyberpunk with systems that have actually thought through how to be rules light, try Interface Zero Fate or The Veil.

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