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Publisher: Stellagama Publishing
by Customer Name Withheld [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/10/2017 00:32:55

A four page introduction is followed by sections on the History and Mission of the Space Patrol. It's generic enough to fit into any campaign. Then there are several sections on codes of law, prize money, jurisdiction, interstelalr law enforcement, legal and court systems. I haven't looked at these sections in depth yet, but they seem like they would be quite useful, particularly if your player characters tend to skirt the law a bit. Next comes sections on organisation, rank and careers (creating a Space Patrol Officer). A must for any module describing a new organisation. Next up is ships and equipment. also a must when presenting a new organisation. The section on Space Patrol campaigns describes what sort of setting works best, and how to integrate the space patrol into existing campaign universes. Helpful advice is always appreaciated. The final sections provide some typical (or atypical npcs), adventure seeds and some scenarios. Again very useful and a must in this type of book.

The layout is pretty good and sections are fairly easy to find, and I didn't notice too many typos. All in all, a pretty good book, that adds useful material to the referees gaming arsenal. Buy it.

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The Space Patrol
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