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Death Race: Fury Road $0.00
Publisher: Kort'thalis Publishing
by Eric F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/30/2016 19:17:14

Sometimes you need a good set of Mad Max style OSR rules that can handle an interstellar cosmic or OSR wasteland race! Did I mention that Venger Satanis has been working on exactly that and its free? Shall we dive into the deep end race fans?! So I've been waxing & waning between Sword & Sorcery & my ever wasteland present muse post apocalyptic old school gaming. Then a couple of weeks ago Venger Satanis emails me about his current project Death Race Fury Road. The set up for this is pure post apocalpytic gold, I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to contribute more to the community based project. But its been birthed onto the world like new born mutant baby. Cue Thundarr The Barbarian theme music here. Man that brings back memories but not in a bad way at all, I can honestly see using these rules to inject some weirdness into a game between adventures. The PC's become drafted into some of the most insane weirdness that some wizards can draft them into especially a race of comic level strangeness. This might actually work well as a side game for Alpha Blue or Crimson Dragon Slayer. But it would actually work as a nice side support for any OSR game. I can actually see using this as a Mutant Future or Planet Mother F@#$er side support game add on. So its time to get your race on and bring your best gear down to the track, take your best pit crew, get your driving gloves on, and whatever you do don't let the Mok drive! All in Death Race Fury Road is a really nice add on for any O5R or OSR game & its something that can be used again and again because its going to be different every time because of the random tables and awesomeness! Eric Fabiaschi Swords & Stitchery Blog Want to see more independant OSR content for this and other fine products? Subscribe to

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Death Race: Fury Road
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