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Publisher: Land of NOP LLC
by Carsten H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/08/2016 17:08:48

Don't believe the blurb about this game.

This game is about authoritarian horror. Its main arc consists in a death spiral that makes Call of Cthulhu look like a carebear game. Before suffering an inevitable TPK at the hands of GM Mary Sue characters, your character may briefly struggle with a dice pool system that punishes him for the hubris of trying (that is how the books explains this,not me).

Forget "kill all the orks". The Combat system is of extreme lethality,and if you try to "kill all the orks", the game will only punish you for it by either having your character die in the lethal combat system, or advancing the the death spiral of the game because you did not adhere to what the game designer or you game master imagines as "operational security". Operational security means that of course that you should do only the most efficient means of advancing your employers cause. Even the slightest error will advance the death sprial.

Speaking of your employer: in this game you play the mercenary henchmen of the power interest groups. Take your pick of effete degenerates, cold calculating drug-peddlers and tyrannical bureaucrats.

There is really no good place for your character to be in this game. If you get a magic item that will your character allow to fly for one movement action it will turn your character into a cannibal. You can get a "safe house" in this game, but that is more bait: because of course it WILL be inevitably compromised and building this"safe house" is another opportunity for the GM to deliver the fun of failure with beatdown play on your characters. Basically any time a character in this game could gain anything there is immediatly advice for the GM on how to take it away or make it a liabilty.

As easy as it would the to give many more examples of this, but in the end this is about how this game is not telling potenial buyers it is a henchmen horror game where GM Mary Sues will kill you at the end.

I know that there are players who like horror games about flutile struggle. For the rest I cannot recommend this game.

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Creator Reply:
Thank you for the feedback! You are not the only customer who expressed concern about the game's thematic death spiral or how punishing it can seem. As a result, I have released a free expansion, providing rules for a more heroic / fair conclusion to a campaign that gives players the means to storm the Spire and defeat the Risk Eaters. You can download it as part of your Cryptomancer PDF purchase. It might not address all of your concerns, but at the end of the day, you've helped make the game better. Thanks again for your purchase and your candor. Cheers.