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Fate Core System Pay What You Want
Publisher: Evil Hat Productions, LLC
by Allie G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/19/2016 07:13:46

We haven't really played this yet, just test-drove it a little, but I think I love the rules system. But Holy moley they needed to take some of their Kickstarter money and hire a technical writer and an editor! The rulebook is is desperate need of editing. In several places the exact same paragraph is repeated within a page of the same location, and the whole book is so poorly organized that it's next-to-impossible to sift through and find the actual rules. This rulebook reminds me of a Depression-Era meatloaf: I can tell there's meat in there somewhere, but there's so much filler it's not possible to identify it. Did we really need pages and pages explaining the difference between game time and real time? Couldn't all the stuff having to do with skills be under one heading in one place instead of fifteen headings scattered throughout? Did the errors make it into the print edition, or is the problem with repeated pages limited to the electronic edition?

This seems like an excellent system for a mature group of experienced players. For a group of teens or drama queens, it could be a recipe for disaster. Player characters gaining power the more time they spend role-playing their personal problems... I envision entire sessions spent trying to coax emo pcs out of the bathroom, with the night ending with everyone taking new aspects entitled something like, "Is so over Jane and her issues." This system seems to have been designed for taciturn fighters who need to be encouraged to interact, not for my usual group who drive GMs insane by refusing to stop futzing around in character and get to the action.

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Creator Reply:
Content repetition is part of the teaching text philosophy that informed the editing of the book. Very few have had problems with it proportionate to the magnitude of your objection. I\'m sorry it wasn\'t to your taste. :)