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The Black Hack $2.00
Publisher: Gold Piece Publications
by James H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/06/2016 17:09:38

A very simple, clever, and fun fantasy game based on the World's Most Popular Roleplaying Game, The Black Hack packs a lot of entertainment into a small number of pages for a ridiculously low price point. Specific high points for me were the mechanics for Usage Dice, which make tracking consumable items entertaining, and armor that functions as a depletable resource. If you like rules-light fantasy and have two dollars to burn, you owe it to yourself to pick this up. Finally, it's worth noting that a lot of third party support has already sprung up, most of it very good. If you want options to expand The Black Hack, you won't be left wanting.

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The Black Hack
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