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Wormskin Issue 1 $4.99
Publisher: Necrotic Gnome Productions
by rowdy s. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/28/2016 16:34:27

I picked up a hardcopy of both issue one and two of Wormskin as I was impressed by the preview and the price was right. Having just got done reading them both, I'd say I was pretty happy with my purchase....with a couple of suggestions/ nit picks. 1) Both issues have information on drugs/ narcotics/ fungus effects/ compounds. As this magazine is covering a campaign setting, ok...sure, but how about just making that an issue of the mag unto itself? 2) Same with the Cat stuff. Now, I love cats and I thought the cat character class was cool, but about doing ONE issue covering it all? 3) Going back to the Fungi of Dolenwood, there is a line saying that "roll on the enchantment table (see future issues of Wormskin)". I can NOT tell you how much that drives me crazy. If you refer to a table, it should be right there in the same book. So, when WILL we get that table?

Overall, I enjoyed the mag. Liked the Moss Dwarf, the art was well done and I did not notice a lot of typos. Looking forward to the next issue!

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Creator Reply:
Hello, thanks for taking the time to write a review and glad to hear that you enjoyed the first two issues! I wanted to reply to a couple of the points you raised, just to explain a bit of the background around why we\'ve done things the way we have.

Regarding the \"X will be detailed in a future issue\" references: we try to make each issue a stand-alone package, as far as possible, but it\'s in the nature of what we\'re doing (i.e. detailing a campaign setting over the course of many issues of a zine) that that\'s not always possible. There are always going to be loose ends or things which are left unexplained due to limited space. (That is, until we reach the hypothetical final issue of the zine, when everything that\'s going to be explained has been.) That said, thanks for giving this feedback! We\'ll certainly try our utmost to minimise such references, in the future.

And regarding your point about combining related content -- the fungi and psychedelics, say -- into one issue: our aim is to collect a varied set of articles and types of content into each issue. There\'s a lot of stuff to include: hex descriptions, spells, classes, monsters, villages, random tables, etc. My feeling is that an issue with mixed types of content makes for a more interesting read than one which focuses solely on one. Again, \"your mileage may vary\", but that\'s the reasoning behind the choice.

Thanks again for your feedback!

(Issue three should be out in late June / early July, by the way, and will detail some more hexes and monsters, give some historical background info on the setting, and feature the first level of a dungeon in the wood.)
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Wormskin Issue 1
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