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Frustration to Freedom: 30 Days to Legendary Solo Roleplaying Adventures $0.00
Publisher: Cabbage Games
by Harry B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/19/2017 04:32:21

Its been a while since I bought this. I never got around to write a review but now with the new format and new price I feel its time to correct that oversight.

First of all a warning. The original course was via e-mail and you got 1 chapter/lesson per day. The new format gives you all lessons in 1 handy PDF but... if you are like me you will scan through the PDF, read the stuff thats new to you and skip the things you already think you know. I urge you to use this like it was originally intended. Read one or two chapter and do some of the homework, then put it away for the next day.

Chances are that (as a serious solo RPGer) you already know most of the stuff that is in this course. It is my personal believe that all Solo RPGing builds on the solid foundation layed by Tana Pigeons Mythic GME. Other described techniques and methods are freely available and might be known to you. So why get this book?

What FtF adds to SoloRPGing is something I haven't seen in other products. This is not yet another Solo Engine or coloction of random content list. FtF dares you to make up your own content lists, brainstorm and write your own setting. It wants you to get out of all the theory books, systems and sourcebooks and have a real solo adventure!

The course is practical. Lets you create your adventure and while doing that you learn to use all the great tools we have today. It is this course that finally got me from ammasing tools and source books to actually using them to have fun. I highly recommend you get this course.

PS You do need a Solo Engine with this and I advise you to get

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Frustration to Freedom: 30 Days to Legendary Solo Roleplaying Adventures
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