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Snap Sites: Vamonos Pizza $5.00 $2.99
Publisher: Just Insert Imagination
by Shane R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/22/2016 18:20:57

You get this great pizza menu, Its colorful and it makes you wonder if there just might be a local Vamonos Pizza somewhere and that this just might be their menu! If so I will take a Pancho Villa Grande pizza please with extra cheese! Oh and I have a Buy One Get one free voucher! Its things like this that will likely have me use something like this at a convention much like the suggest and just let the players take home the props.

All this a good Map, NPC with depth and several Twists to use the location for a full nights gaming if your creative.

My full review is on my blog. Great Grab.

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Snap Sites: Vamonos Pizza
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