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Hc Svnt Dracones $3.00
Publisher: Weapons Grade Funk
by Philip D. B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/28/2016 15:23:45

I've played Dracones for about 4-5 months, in the seat of a player. The group i was playing in was looking for a new game to play, and we enjoyed the first taste (a one-off) we played in this system. Unfortunately, the system and book aren't really as we originally thought. Allow me to list my primary grievances...

1: The book is poorly organized. Rules and lore flow together, with no clear end or beginning. If you're trying to find a specific rule, the chance is very real that you will have to read one or more paragraphs to find the single sentence you are looking for.

2: The rules are extremely dice-heavy. While this isn't bad in itself, it leads to a very complicated system of roll upon roll upon roll, with a different character stat used for each time and each roll having different results upon a bad roll. The crafting system is the perfect example of this. Combat is another, where large numbers of dices end up being rolled.

3: The setting is set in stone, and can not be altered. The introductory lore in the book reads a bit like the beginning of a novel, and this is the feeling the rest of the book gives as well. It's only a small number of pages however, and not a full-size novel; when it ends, dozens of questions have been asked and nothing answered. Normally i would assume the player and guide then work with that, but in this case the creator of the tabletop game has made it clear more story will be put out over time, in different adventures. This creates a situation where you can't add to the setting without later "canon" overriding it, or going apart from the canon and creating your own homebrew

4: Balance is in many regards rather poor. Transendent tech is a fine example: if you take a transcendent implant, it's entirely possible you won't be able to activate it without killing yourself. Even if it works out slightly better, it's liable to cause a TPK due to a poor roll from one PC, or even a single enemy. Nerves is another: an interesting idea, but in the end not used as nerve damage rarely/never happens by the rules

5, by far the biggest grievance with this product and its author: the consistent ignoring of feedback, ignoring issues and pushing the "one way to play" into the basic rules and system. When an actual improvement is attempted, it comes in the form of another product to buy. First the extended rulebook, and now today it has gotten even more ridicilous with the "guide screen info" being made available for the price of $2.5. When a rules index of 4 pages (which has been missing from the rulebook since the beginning) is sold separately you really are simply nickle and diming your customers.

In essence: Dracones is a tabletop RPG system that is largely unplayable in later stages of the game, especially if you enjoy making your own story and roleplaying. While it includes a good setting to start off from, you will find yourself disregarding and/or houseruling the majority of the rules to be able to enjoy it.

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Hc Svnt Dracones
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