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Magenta Pay What You Want
Publisher: Sanguine Productions
by Timothy C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/21/2016 19:07:33

This is, in essence, Albedo: Platinum Catalyst sanitized of its anthropomorphic nature--understandably, of course, in the desire to make a more generic system with broader market appeal. Otherwise it's identical, which leads to the inconsistencies and incompatibilities with the real, human world that other reviewers have commented on. Their aim for "realism" comes mostly from the fact that rather than psychological trauma being either a near-inevitable erosion of mental fortitude or simply nonexistent, it's a constant grind that works more or less like physical health--I quite like that mechanic.

The document itself shows that they didn't take much care with it. The formatting is poor on the PDF readers I use, with heading fonts in particular cutting themselves off because they were originally written for a shorter font. The tables are image cut-and-pasted from Albedo, and retain the errata from that book. Everything's there, though, and it's usable.

This is donationware, so one does get what one pays for. A quick pass back through the fonts and some table corrections would definitely make it worth the five-buck average it's going for as of this writing.

As it stands, I'd use this particular product mostly for mechanics and a very rough guideline for homebrew versions, especially when it comes to character creation, setting, and actual ranks and whatnot. SPI/RQI makes sense in Albedo, not so much in any realistic military setting.

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