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Hunters of Alexandria $18.00 $8.00
Publisher: D101 Games
by Mark N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/15/2015 09:00:02

Hunters of Alexandria (HoA) is definitely an above average (well, as far as it does what I want it to) game in which he PCs are the Hunters of the title, a Delta Green style group fighting the good fight in... well that should be pretty obvious. The rules are designed to support this concept which makes a somewhat limited sandbox to play in... but on the other hand the title of the game really does say what it is about so you really can't complain about a range of adventure styles or locations not being supported.

I'm a fan of simple systems so its version of Fate makes HoA very easy to pick up and play. The book contains some high level detail about Alexandria itself, although one oddity is that this is spread over widely separated chapters. Chapter 2, called 'The city of Alexandria', describes the populace and various religions. You have to get to Chapter 8, Geography, before getting some details about the city itself. I think that this could have been better organised or presented (i finished reading Chapter 2 and wondered where any descriptions of the city itself were), but YMMV and all that. One surprise is that for all its brevity (I LIKE brevity - any time I come across a game with 500+ pages a small piece of my soul dies) there is about 40 pages of scenario (or hooks) included. This bounces the group around a variety of locations and people who could support a lot of further play. Nice.

My only quibble - and the thing that stopped me giving a 5/5 rating - is about the flavour of the setting. Fate does allow the authors to some nicely evocative descriptions - for example one area of the city is described as an 'Island of another culture' and another is a 'fire hazard' - but the descriptions are of a relatively generic city of the 'Ancients' and even the famous Lighthouse and Library get only a brief write-up. For a game so closely tied to a specific location i'd hoped for more flavour, pictures showing the streets, some of the buildings etc

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