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Publisher: Blue Boxer Rebellion
by Alastair M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/26/2015 04:40:46

Recent years have brought a glut of games intended to entice more novices, of whatever age, to the wonders of RPGs. As others have already commented about "Dungeonteller" here though, this is one of the standout products among that crowd, and which, from my limited reconnaissance through the rules and a few try-outs so far, also seems to do what it promises, as an easy-to-pick-up system you can get playing quickly.

The rules are beautifully and colourfully illustrated throughout, using an attractive, mildly cartoon-like style, that often works to draw your eye to key text-passages, thus finding things quickly for the GM (the eponymous "Dungeonteller" here) is made a little easier. Despite the cost and effort involved, it's tempting to think of preparing a fully laminated copy of the rules for general use, and certainly, the character sheets would work particularly well that way, robust and usable with erasable markers of some sort. If so, you'll also need to do a photo-quality printout on good matt photo paper if using a home inkjet machine, as a "normal" printout came out too pale for me.

More could - indeed perhaps should - have been added to this package, not simply greater sets of character options, monsters, treasures, play examples and game-creation advice, but providing things like the tokens and cards suggested as useful for play, for extra equipment, gold, gems and other treasure items. It's noted on page 22 that players should make their own using index cards for these, clearly acknowledging a need the game currently fails to fulfill by the designer. Even providing a series of suitable .jpg or .png images with the rulebook would have helped people construct their own printable cards, perhaps including some for the various have-to-look-that-one-up skills ("cool powers" here). In a print-and-play PDF product, there's little excuse for such essentials to have been left out. Marker tokens for the player-characters could have been given as well (some, though oddly using different illustrations, are available, if rather unannouncedly, only in the separate "Iso Battle Counters" set from Blue Boxer Rebellion). Plus it's strange the dice-roll character generation mechanism, an optional extra not noted in the rules, is available just on the designer's blog, rather than adding maybe one more page with it here.

There are helpful extra items provided in the book though, including the complete annotated "Quibble Marches" map from Blue Boxer's "Big Hexyland" world set, from which the major city of Stormgate is featured in detail, with map-drawings and five pages of place descriptions and history, plus another three pages with a cutaway drawing and descriptive notes on the Tides Inn, likely to be the player-characters' first stopping-place in the city. Plus there are one-page tables to help GMs create plots, villains and dungeons, without resorting to random rolls.

Overall, this is a good, basic RPG rules-set, splendidly presented, if one that could be still better with a few additional tweaks and printable components.

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Creator Reply:
Thank you for the thoughtful and incisive review of the entire Dungeonteller line.
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Dungeonteller Fantasy RPG
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