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Ten Battle-Ready 25mm Dungeon Maps Set One $4.00 $2.50
Publisher: Blue Boxer Rebellion
by Alastair M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/26/2015 04:19:31

This is an interesting product, presenting hand-drawn greyscale sketches of a ten-room dungeon, with some notes to help GMs flesh it out for RPG use, including overall sketches of the dungeon, the nearby small town and its landscape setting. The drawings are largely presented in an isometric, so 3D, realistic style. In general, they're pleasing to the eye, and would work well as both GM's reference tools, and to show players what they can see at any given time.

For home-printing using an inkjet, I'd suggest using high-quality matt photo paper and at least a normal "photo" standard setting, as the drawings are rather faint, making them indistinct too often on a "normal", plain paper inkjet print, for example. The text prints clear and dark even on a "fast" or "draft" inkjet setting though, which may indicate more pre-publication testing would have been useful.

In parts, the isometric viewpoint shows its limitations, where ghostly archways and walls (sometimes apparently in cutaway), plus occasional coloured lines and labels need to feature for better clarity, while the right-hand wall of Dungeon Room 2 (page 8 in the PDF) has needed to be artificially curved "out" a little, otherwise the important blocked doorway on this wall would have been almost invisible. Also, while such a view works very well as a diagram, or for solo gaming, for a typical RPG group, where players and GM will surround the table and any visual aids on it, this style of mapping provides clarity for just one or two people - most likely not even the GM - so this pack can't really be considered a viable option for RPG battle maps, which need easy clarity for all. In addition, the drawings have been designed to fit US "Letter"-sized pages. So for many people elsewhere, for whom "A4"-sized paper is the nearest equivalent, this will leave the options either of cutting off some of the drawing edges, or reducing the image to fit the paper, which latter means the typical squares end up barely 2 cm or 9/10 inch across, likely a little too small for most 25mm-30mm scale miniature figure bases.

One further minor irritation is that the labelled town map is missing from the PDF, billed on the "Thumbnails" index page as on page 3, but that's where the Thumbnails are! It is possible to zoom in to read all-but one of the town map's labels, and then hand-copy them to a print of the unlabelled player's town map from page 18, but this seems a careless omission, again maybe suggestive that more checking was needed ahead of this product's release.

Overall, it's a nice package, useful as the basis for a small dungeon, after a little work, but I've rated it down because the isometric viewpoint doesn't really work for its billed battle map use, and the product needed a little more work before publication.

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Ten Battle-Ready 25mm Dungeon Maps Set One
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