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The Breaking of Forstor Nagar (5E) $9.99
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Matthew A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/13/2015 21:37:26

A little about me: DM for over 20 years. Playtester for Montecook Games, and currently a DM for a Ptolus City by the Spire game using the D&D Next (5e) rule set, played over the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop.

The Breaking of Forstor Nagar (5E) by RITE Publishing is an adventure for 8th level characters. If you've been into 5E for a while you know there's not a lot of 3rd party content for it yet, so this is a welcome addition. The art direction and organization of the module is top notch. The PDF is fully bookmarked so a DM can get where they need to quickly. The module itself is about 50 pages long, broken up in 9 parts. I'd imagine you could easily get 5-10 sessions out of this, depending on the pace you and your players enjoy.

Suffice it to say the "City of Grinding Ice" takes place in a cold environment. You will get to explore some weather hazards from DMG in this module which helps to keep things interesting. Since it's a higher level adventure there's plenty of advice for if the players try to turn invisible or fly, or use their other "circumnavigation" abilities. The advice doesn't nerf the player's abilities, it just gives the DM tools to handle those situations, which is great. There's also a reasonable amount of "if the players do X, or Y, or Z, then..." that handles the most likely decisions throughout.

The maps and environments are high quality, and there's something unusual going on to spice up most of the encounters. There's also notes for scaling the encounters up a couple of levels if you'd like to run this for a 9th or 10th level group. As an added bonus, there's a 300+ megabyte folder full of ALL the art at high resolution, which could be printed for tabletop, or it would be awesome for Roll20. So you've got both the DM friendly maps in the module itself with all of the secrets revealed, and then full color printable versions of the maps without the secrets on them. The art pack includes high quality tokens for the NPCs too. I really like that RITE is catering to both traditional tabletop and virtual tabletop audiences.

Overall, this is about as good as it gets in 3rd party module. As a point of reference, comparable to the higher end of Paizo Publishing's PDF modules. Very professional, very fun, and totally worth 10 bucks.

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