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Planarch Codex: Dark Heart of the Dreamer $5.00 $0.00
Publisher: Corvid Sun
by Jason P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/12/2015 11:29:56

The Planarch Codex is one of the most elegant designs I have seen. It embraces the rich character of the old Planescape and the implications of such a society. It embraces the freebooter; the freelance "troubleshooter" who would be desperate enough to wander across the planes. It explores culture and ethnicity in a thoughtful yet gamable fashion. It's a massive wealth of rich seeds and inspirations to make your games all that much more awesome. It's also free, which is another fantastic point in it's favour. I look forward to the next Planarch Codex.

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Planarch Codex: Dark Heart of the Dreamer
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