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20 Variant Foes: Worgs and Winter Wolves (PFRPG) $7.49
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Trev W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/16/2014 20:25:14

If you are a fan of worgs or winter wolves, like I am, this is what you need. RITE publishing love their monster variants and here we have 20 variants for a dm to enjoy reading over, before they are inflicted upon the players.

The worgs and winter wolves are quite strong with varied special abilities and templates. I quite liked Judge Kerist the celestial worg inquisitor, and his combat tactics. The CR 14 silver wolf was quite impressive, and while the damage isn’t great, the buffs, fortification and protections are.

This book also has a number of extra features hidden in the back of it. We have templates, such as for the dread vampire, dread wight and apex predator. There are half-balors, phalanxes, and the ravenous creature (which weirds me out as it looks so creepy). There are magic items, archetypes for classes and some very powerful feats, intended for monsters, to make them really challenge the party. Some of these feats though, are deliberately overpowered, so a dm should be cautious and perhaps up the CR of monsters or villains that have them.

This book isn’t just about worgs or winter wolves. There is a lot more to it and I am very pleased with it, and look forward to sicking them on to the players. 5/5. Now to try and work out how to get a lot of this into my games.

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20 Variant Foes: Worgs and Winter Wolves (PFRPG)
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