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Traveller Adventure: Three Blind Mice $0.00
Publisher: 13Mann Verlag
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/06/2014 07:14:06

This is an interesting and very open adventure which can be run in many different ways depending on what the Referee wishes to achieve. The basic concept involves stowaways on a starship, but notes are provided such that the characters may be crew, stowaways or... possibly most fascinatingly... both at once. Pre-generated characters are provided, with the stowaway ones in particular being given extensive backstories as to just why they have decided to travel in this manner. Given the background, I think it best that if the players are to be the stowaways the pre-generated characters should be used: although the crew pre-gens are nicely-rounded characters any characters with the appropriate skills will do.

The adventure is divided into several phases including the loading and departure of the ship, events on board and what happens on arrival at their destination and beyond. Plenty of detail is provided for administering these events from either standpoint: the party being the stowaways or them being the crew, or indeed both. In this last case it is recommended that for best effect the two groups be separated for play until the stowaways are discovered.

Given the nature of the stowaways' reason for fleeing their homeworld, there are interesting ethical issues over and above those of dealing with stowaways which are of particular note if you have player-character crew attempting to deal with the situation - and these could lead to longer-term involvement, or even drive your campaign for a while depending on how involved your players wish to get.

As mentioned, the adventure is well-resourced with background material as well as with loads of pre-generated characters; and there is also a map of the downport at the destination world which comes into play if the characters either are the stowaways or decide to aid them after arrival. Throughout, numerous options are offered, making it easy to cope with player actions. The adventure could also work well as a convention adventure with limited running time and using the pre-generated characters.

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Traveller Adventure: Three Blind Mice
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