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Shadowrun: Safehouses
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Editeur: Catalyst Game Labs
par Adrian S. [Testeur star]
Date Ajoutée: 02/15/2012 19:29:08

We've all had it happen in a Shadowrun game when the stakes are simply too high, the Johnson has lied, we've been double-crossed or simply need to drop out of the line of fire for a while. 'Safehouse' is a great little supplement (at eighteen pages) which gives you new rules for Boltholes and Safehouses which allow runners to customise their home-away-from-home. Narrated by FastJack, the supplement brings back a sense of the quirky and dry humour of the Shadowrun world and is told in tandem with the much younger runner /dev/grrl. The interwoven story is a good backdrop for the explanations given and the segue from descriptive narrative to hard rules is done well. It gives, as mentioned, new rules for constructing these establishments, but also a good list of 'must-have' gear for the safehouse, new qualities (as per Runners Companion) and some sample safehouses. Overall, it is quite a lot of information given the brevity of the page count. If nothing else, it will give your runners something to plan for and add to the somewhat paranoid edge that should be present on all runs. Highly recommended.

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