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-JUNK- Ravenlands 3: River and Bridge (1" square = 5')

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-JUNK- Ravenlands 3: River and Bridge (1\" square = 5\')
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-JUNK- Ravenlands 3: River and Bridge (1" square = 5')
Publisher: Scrying Eye Games
by William W. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 03/03/2012 09:41:26

A nice set of high-quality tiles for any fantasy or medieval RPG that uses miniatures. These tiles are very detailed and colorful, and don't have much of that cut-and-paste repetition you often see in other maps and tilesets. This set includes overlays for the interior of the building (in case PCs decide to investigate it) and for a ruined bridge (in case the PCs or NPCs have been a little destructive or careless).

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