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Cthulhu Dark $3.00
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Cthulhu Dark
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Cthulhu Dark
Publisher: Graham Walmsley
by Gene L. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/07/2012 01:08:33

The is an awesome Rules-Lite, er Rules-Dark RPG.

Character creation is a snap -come up with a name and a profession and off you go.

One the basic ideas is that if you attempt to fight an eldritch horror -you die. You're not going in guns a' blazin' as this is not that type of game.

The mechanics are simple, roll 1D6 sometimes 2D6. The simplicity of the rules really keep the game moving. It's very easy to adapt this game to any existing published scenarios. I'll be using this game system with some of my mods for all my future Cthulhu gaming.

Do check out Graham's thievesoftime.comwebsite along with his "Stealing Cthulhu" book -a must read if you are designing your own Cthulhu Scenarios.

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