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BP-4 Sands of Despair Pathfinder RPG

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BP-4 Sands of Despair Pathfinder RPG
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BP-4 Sands of Despair Pathfinder RPG
Publisher: Blackbyrne Publishing
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 11/30/2011 14:46:56

A few months ago, I ran the first part of Blackbyrne’s Dark Veil campaign. The editing and descriptions were very well done and the ideas behind the adventures were cool and creative. Sands of Despair, the follow up campaign, is an expanded effort. It succeeds and fails exactly where the previous editions of the series do.

Sands of Despair is an Indiana Jones style campaign which embarks the PCs on a journey to recover the Artifacts of Dalacore in the Sands of Despair. The first part of the adventure has a linear structure and the second half of the 95-page adventure opens up a semi sandbox game where the players go back and forth through time. The last part brings the PCs back to the present time to recover one of the artifacts.

This is one of those adventures that has a ton of great concepts, but will need to be heavily adapted for any campaign. There aren’t too many series that makes me feel that I, the DM, is being railroaded. A problem with most of the series, this is very evident in time travel scenes where the PCs are locked events that are set places in time. The idea of going back in time to be apart of the battles is great, but the writer missed a great opportunity to incorporate the actual PCs impact on the history.

For the Dungeon Master You got to love any adventure that combines worthy ideas with detailed maps.

The Iron Word Sands of Despair churns some strong imagery in its descriptions and has a ton of great ideas. The adventure does need to be injected with a few puzzles and a tactical combat or two.

[3 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Hey Nathan, Thanks for the review! I try and read every review and take something away from the comments to enhance the next adventure. One point (VERY small) that I'd like to make is; it's the Artifacts of Daggeroth the players are trying to find over the course of the Campaign Arc. On the point of the impact the players make on history, I must admit that I am a giant Star Trek fan and the Temporal Prime Directive has been drilled into my head, lol. All kidding aside, my intention was to actually not let the players make an impact on the past, however gain a firm grasp on the importance in their future, I will work to make that more clear in my future writing. Thanks again!! Jeff Gupton
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