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Battlemap : Warehouse
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Battlemap : Warehouse
Publisher: Christian Hollnbuchner
by Michael T. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 12/29/2011 14:04:21

In modern games, many action scenes take place in a warehouse. There are good reasons for this: warehouses have lots of open space, aren't very populated, and there's plenty of places to hide. And yet warehouses are sorely underrepresented as two-dimensional maps. Fortunately, Christian Hollnbucher's Battlemap: Warehouse solves this problem.

It begins with an isometric view of the warehouse, which consists of three levels. The warehouse itself is two pages wide or 18 squares, with one square of pavement all around. The walls take up an entire square, which makes them a whopping five-foot thick. The first floor has a wide 4-square-wide opening on the left side and a pair of smaller doors on the far right side. The decision to leave the warehouse door open is curious; you can just pretend there's a door there of course. There are three kinds of crates interspersed on the first floor. A single ladder leads up. There are no steps built into this warehouse.

The artwork on this map uses Hollnbucher's trademark isometric shadowing, which can make a two-dimensional map a little confusing. He's fond of lighting from an extreme angle, which casts long shadows on every object.

The second floor is made of wood, and there are grates interspersed throughout the perimeter. This is where the shadows get in the way; the ladder is nearly invisible on the second floor thanks to the long shadow of a wall.

As much as there are fights within a warehouse, there are just as many on the roof. Roof battles usually happen when players refuse to enter the warehouse and prefer to skulk around the outside of it first. The roof is a welcome addition but has almost no features to it. There are no vents or an entry to the second floor, which unfortunately devalues the point of having a roof in the first place.

This is the only three-level modern warehouse on the market. Although it certainly could be improved, it's leaps and bounds beyond the usual fantasy warehouse substitutes.

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