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BattleTech: Jihad: Conspiracies: Interstellar Players 2
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BattleTech: Jihad: Conspiracies: Interstellar Players 2
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
by Idle R. H. P. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 02/10/2012 21:10:41

This is one of the better gaming surprises I've had in long time. I had originally bought this book just to keep my Jihad collection complete, but this is one of the best Battletech RPG supplements to date. This isn't the book for those looking for a lot of mech stats (there's one) or crunch for the miniature game (not a lot here either), but it is for those interested in some great ideas for the role-playing game or just to read about the Battletech universe. Fans of the novels may be happy to see information on Uncle Chandy or the Clan scientist conspiracy. They also may be happy to see other parts of the universe explored, like those living in the Terran system's asteroid belt.

As the title suggests, this is a follow up to the original Interstellar Players and focuses, for the most part, on different organizations within the Battletech universe. The original book isn't needed to use this book, though. Also, the "Jihad" part of the title is a bit misleading as the Jihad isn't central to a lot of the book. Actually, a lot of the book could be used in any science fiction game. The chapter on FTL travel, Mysteries of the Void, has enough mystery for three campaigns (e.g., What happens to jumpships when they go missing?). However, you can still get your Jihad on with entries on Devlin Stone, Thuggees, etc. Even Mysteries of the Void has ideas on how it can be incorporated into a Jihad campaign.

Since giant mechs play such a large role in the universe, it's understandable that people, particularly those that haven't read any of the fiction, might have a little trouble imagining a game outside of the cockpit. It's this book's ability to open up the Battletech universe (corporations, assassins, scientists, ancients, etc.) that make it essential for any gamemaster or Battletech enthusiast.

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