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Wanted: Dead or Alive
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Wanted: Dead or Alive
Verlag: Fat Goblin Games
von Landon B. [Verifizierter Käufer]
Hinzugefügt am: 02/21/2012 21:28:29

What you get

This is a collection of six portraits on “Wanted” poster backgrounds, a cover page, a blank poster for you to fill in yourself with your own selection of artwork, and a credits page. The pictures are black ink set on a parchment-colored background and include what appear to me to be a noble, a couple of scoundrels, a priest, a thief, and a well-armored fighter. You can preview 5 of the 6 portraits on the RPGnow website, so you know what you’re getting (the first portrait, not in the preview, is of a noble or aristocrat, with a style similar to the first preview image). I purchased this a few months ago (yes, it took me a while to review...sorry). At the time, $1 was listed as a sale price (I forget the old regular price…I think it was $3-$4), but it appears that this has become the regular price. For the price, this is a pretty good offering of character drawings.

What I like

The portraits themselves are quite nice, reflecting a decent variety of characters for a medieval style setting, assuming that you don’t mind assuming that all “wanted” characters are human males (or possibly halfling, in the case of the thief looking one…). This is a nice quick way to add some character flavor to your game…just turn the computer screen to your players and show them the poster.

What I’d like to see

While the portraits (and the “by the order of the guard” decree) seem well suited to a medieval/fantasy game, the font and what look like they might be bullet holes in the poster make it look a little more wild-west to me. I’d like to see the same portraits offered on another background, preferably gray-scale with a little bit more of a hand-written look. It’s a bit nit-picky, but printing presses don’t exist in the world I use, making the background of the poster a little incongruous with my personal game. However, this style could easily work for a fantasy-meets-steampunk game, or in Pathfinder as guns become more common. It’s also worth noting that this work confers no reprint rights, so it is purely for personal use, not publishers.


Overall, this a pretty good work. The artistic quality is good, and the $1 price point is right for picking up some quick concept art. I think I’ll go with 4 stars on this one, and recommend it for GMs (or players of infamous characters) who want to present some character portraiture as a story aid.

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