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Weird West Roleplaying Game Basic Rulebook
Publisher: Robertson Games
by Chris J. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/20/2011 17:32:59

It's very stripped down, just presents an idea (with inconsistent spelling) of a very simple, easy to learn system (like I've seen board games with more complex rules than this). It also seems sort of rushed, as there aren't many rules at all for different situations, and the "armor" section discusses heavy plate mail and chainmail--not often something you see in wild west or weird west games--and that is a little confusing, since there is not enough substance in the book to really justify why you'd want heavy plate mail in a western setting.

There are four classes: Adventurer, Fighter, Gifted, and Magician, except it does not explain at any point what any of those imply. Of course Fighter and Magician are obvious enough, but besides that you just have to sort of glean what they might entail by how they level. Adventurers are ok at fighting and skills, Gifted people are ok with just about everything; Fighters and Magicians are great at fighting, and magic, respectively. It introduces how to roll up Stamina points, but doesn't say what Stamina points are for, except that when you lose all your Stamina points, you are knocked unconscious. Spells and Gifts, it says, can also affect regaining Stamina points, but does not have any indication of what Spells and Gifts are. Obviously there is a lot of additional work a Game Master needs to do in order to make this a serviceable game, and the rules as written are more or less just a suggestion of an idea, rather than a fully-fleshed-out idea themselves.

But for a dollar? Why not. The rules may be just enough to get the creative juices flowing, and there's just enough written in there to whip up an instant party game without too much additional work. However, there's even more lacking, and I'd very much like to see a "version 2" with just a couple more pages of explanation.

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Weird West Roleplaying Game Basic Rulebook
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