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Book 9: Robot
Publisher: Mongoose
by KE H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/14/2012 19:13:00

I echo the earlier comments that it primarily focuses on robots as PCs, lacks examples, and the design system is flawed. However I will expound on its lack of consistency with the system and the other supplements. I had eagerly anticipated a book which would fill the void around robots: the meager examples, their lack of detail on what they could and could not do, and a consistent handling of the AI subject. I expected it to build on the rules for software in the core book that would enable autonomous machines, including robots, vehicles and even spacecraft. I assumed it would also build on the rules for vehicles in supplements 5 and 6, which I found fairly successfully dealt with small power plants, mobility, and vehicle-mounted weapons, to expand on sensors, include manipulators, and provide for their autonomous function. What I found was an almost entirely disjoint set of rules which both overlapped and conflicted with all the previous products, a pervasive assumption of a history and future which meshes with neither the OTU or reality, and still didn't address the abject lack of fundamentals on how to include robots in play. There are a few ideas that could be incorporated into a set of rules to supply this, but it would require an extensive effort to create one. I recommend building instead on the vehicle books, or the classic Traveller Robot book.

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Book 9: Robot
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